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Benefits of Conservative Cosmetic Dentistry

Conservative dentistry, also often called minimally invasive dentistry, is a growing trend that our practice has touted since the beginning. This dental philosophy emphasizes preventive care and techniques that preserve the health and integrity of the teeth and oral structures while providing exceptional results. Our cosmetic dentists believe that by safeguarding your natural tooth structure, we can reduce the need for restorations, which have a limited lifespan.

One of the ways that we incorporate conservative approaches into our dental care include using the best tool for each job. That means recommending the most effective and least invasive treatment based on your needs and goals. For instance, when possible, we will use inlays and onlays rather than a dental crown. We recommend root canals in the event a tooth can be saved rather than suggest pulling and replacing a tooth. We can preserve bone density with dental implants for missing teeth, or provide a dental bridge in the event this appliance can provide a superior outcome.

Our objective is to help you maintain the healthiest mouth possible while you achieve your aesthetic goals. Want to learn more? Talk to our team today. We’re always happy to answer questions.