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Wellness Dentistry (Biocompatibility Testing)

smiling family5The health of your mouth affects more than the beauty of your smile, and at Dr. Arun Narang & Associates we believe in practicing a total wellness approach toward your dental care. When damage and decay occur, our restorative options include mercury and metal-free fillings, and our dental team utilizes BPA-free resins and materials, as well as innovative diagnostic technology, to promote a safer, healthier office environment for everyone, patients and dental professionals alike. Our digital x-rays limit your exposure to radiation and our use of rubber dams enhances your safety when removing fillings containing mercury. Ultimately, our holistic methods are designed to optimize your experience from start to finish. With this whole health goal in mind, we believe we can preserve the aesthetics of your smile, help to improve or maintain your health at the highest level, and restore function to your bite.

Biocompatibility Testing

In an effort to provide optimal service, our dental practice can recommend a reputable biocompatibility testing clinic to help protect you from the risk of toxic exposure or an unexpected allergic reaction. The Clifford Materials Reactivity Test offers customized results on your potential reaction to a comprehensive range of dental materials based on antibodies found in your bloodstream. Cosmetic dentist Dr. Arun Narang and our team of dentists will use the results of this assessment to tailor your treatment to include only the least reactive materials possible. The test will categorize materials into three groups: highly reactive, moderately reactive, and least reactive. This information can help us provide the safest and most effective dental care possible.

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