Cosmetic Dental Bonding

One of the most popular procedures we offer is cosmetic dental bonding. This minimally invasive treatment can address myriad concerns with natural-looking and long-lasting results.
Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Teeth can be repaired and restored by applying a composite resin to the surface, disguising aesthetic issues, and rehabilitating damage and decay. Our extensively trained cosmetic dentists perform this procedure for patients who want a simple, quick solution and prefer not to use porcelain veneers or a dental crown.

Cosmetic bonding can be a very effective solution for a number of concerns, but it is not right for everyone. Our experienced team will evaluate your needs and discuss your desired outcome to determine the best approach for you. We will explain all your available options and work together to find the ideal way forward.
Dental Bonding

What types of concerns can dental bonding treat?

As a versatile and minimally invasive treatment, cosmetic dental bonding can improve and restore a wide range of concerns, both aesthetic and functional in nature. Bonding can help strengthen teeth and rejuvenate the appearance of the smile, correcting irregularities, repairing damage, and brightening teeth. Depending on your unique requirements, dental bonding can:

If your smile has more significant dental concerns, we can recommend a more effective technique that offers durable results and a beautiful outcome. In some cases, a dental crown or porcelain veneer may be recommended or, if gaps or crowding are an issue, Invisalign® may be an option. While we are dedicated to delivering professional guidance and advice, we will leave the final decision of what to do up to you.

How does cosmetic dental bonding work?

Your care, comfort, and outcome are our highest priorities, and we utilise the most advanced techniques and technology available to ensure the best possible result. One of the many benefits of dental bonding is that it does not require the use of molds or impressions, nor will an anesthetic typically be necessary. If you experience dental anxiety, we offer sedation dentistry techniques to help you relax and remain calm during the procedure.
cosmetic dental bonding
Dr. Arun Narang and Eileen, one of our skilled dental hygienists, have completed additional, specialized training in dental bonding, studying under Dr. Newton Fahl in Brazil. To begin, the tooth or teeth will be cleaned and prepared, then the bonding resin will be applied in several layers. Your dentist will then shape the composite to achieve the most aesthetically appealing effect. A special dental light will be applied to harden the material, and the finished product will be polished for a natural-looking outcome that blends in impeccably with your surrounding teeth.
Cosmetic bonding uses a durable material to provide a strong and lasting result, but patients may need to have the restoration “touched-up” every five to 10 years, depending on your oral care habits and lifestyle. We can provide suggestions on how to preserve your bonding as long as possible and keep your smile beautiful for life.

Curious to learn more about cosmetic bonding? We’re here to help. Talk to our skilled team to receive additional information or to schedule a consultation.

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