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Meet Our Hygiene Team

Eileen – Restorative Dental Hygienist (RRDH)

Dr. Narang _069 Eileen (RRDHThe Restorative Dental Hygienist is an experienced graduate dental hygienist who performs restorative procedures in addition to traditional preventive duties.

The restorative dental hygienist duties are in compliance with the standards of practice approved by the College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario and listed in the proposed RCDSO Standards.

The restorative dental hygienist, under the supervision of a dentist, may:

  • Place and finish amalgam, composite resin and temporary restorations, including gingival retraction if needed and matrix bands
  • Take final impressions & prepare for insertion of crowns & bridges
  • Prepare & cement temporary crowns
  • Place cavity liners
  • Adjust restorations
  • Design CEREC restorations

In 1992 Eileen became part of the team as a dental assistant. She furthered her education in 1993 to earn her Dental Hygiene diploma. In 1995 Eileen successfully completed a Straight-Wire Orthodontic program and assisted our cosmetic dentist Dr. Narang in establishing the Orthodontic program at the office. By 1999 Eileen graduated as a Restorative Dental Hygienist and continues to work with Dr. Narang to produce beautiful quality restorations.

Eileen believes in continuing education in her profession attending courses and study groups to learn about the latest materials & procedures in cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

Eileen loves to spend time with her family & friends- especially her little niece, and enjoys rock-climbing, playing tennis, snowboarding, practising yoga & taking dance lessons.

Katharina – Ortho Dental Hygienist

Dr Narang _090 dental hygienist for ortho KatharinaAs a dental hygiene student, part of the curriculum consists of training in orthodontic procedures. An Orthodontic Hygienist, with direction from a dentist and/or an orthodontist, would:

  • Collect orthodontic records such as digital photos, cephalometric x-rays, and impressions to be used by a dentist and /or an orthodontist in diagnosing a patient’s situation
  • Make measurements for bracket placement
  • Place brackets and wires on teeth
  • Make necessary changes and/or additions to the brackets or wires on monthly visits
  • Record the progress of the treatment
  • Remove the brackets and wires when the treatment is finished
  • Take impressions for retainers, place retainers

Katharina originally joined our team in 1994 as a Dental Assistant. She was then accepted in the Dental Hygiene program at Munroe Community College in Rochester, NY where she graduated in 1996 and re-joined our team as a Dental Hygienist.

Katharina keeps up-to-date with all the advancements in orthodontic treatments by attending numerous hands-on courses yearly. She has attended post graduate programs with the American Orthodontic Society and with the Faculté for Orthodontic Research and Continuing Education. She has received training on Invisalign®, a revolutionary way to move teeth without using brackets and wires.

Katharina is also a speaker for seminars regarding orthodontic hygiene skills and techniques.

Katharina always finds time for her adorable nephews & nieces and enjoys time with her family and friends. She enjoys cooking, taking dance lessons, running marathons, skiing and travelling.

Katharina is fluent in Croatian.

Marilyn – Dental Hygienist

Dr. Narang _096 Marilyn - Dental HygienistMarilyn has been a part of the team since 1993. She worked first as a Preventive Dental Assistant and then after 2 years at Niagara College, where she earned the Golden Scaler Award, Marilyn became part of the Dental Hygiene team.

Marilyn is a strong force for advocating a healthy oral environment. She believes in educating, educating & more educating. She can be heard throughout the office teaching her patients about different types of bacteria, the causes of gum disease, the link between an unhealthy condition in the mouth and heart disease, and showing patients how to do her favourite thing…floss.

Marilyn loves being a soccer mom, taking her kids out on play dates, travelling and playing volleyball.

Elahe (Ella) – Dental Hygienist

Dr Narang _024 dental hygienist Elahe (Ella)Elahe has a background in Business Management, but decided to become a Dental Hygienist since she loves to work with her hands and interact with people on a close level. She graduated from Durham College in 2007.

Elahe enjoys utilizing the leading edge technology and equipment within our practice to give the best client specific care. She looks forward to taking continuing education courses to further advance her knowledge and provide the best care possible to her patients.

Elahe looks to the future of laser and other technologies within the practice for higher quality dental care and is content that Dr. Narang and the team have the same vision.

Elahe spends her free time with family and friends. She enjoys cooking, gardening, drawing, reading, and belly dancing.

Elahe is fluent in Farsi.

Mae – Ortho Dental Hygienist

maeMae is one of our Dental Hygienists. When she graduated from her Dental Hygiene program she was awarded the Golden Scaler Award. Before becoming a Dental Hygienist, Mae was working in IT as a Computer Software & Support Manager. Mae believes in continuing education, she consistently attends seminars & study clubs that keep her up to date with her skills and knowledge. She is glad to be a resource for her patients.

Mae enjoys spending time with her family & friends, especially her little niece. She likes to travel and enjoy activities such as rock climbing, skiing & snowboarding, and loves to knit.

Mae has continued her education by taking the necessary courses to make orthodontics as part of her practise. She works with Katharina to offer orthodontic treatment to our patients. Like Katharina she can collect diagnostic information such as molds of teeth, photographs, and special x-rays to help Dr. Narang form a custom treatment plan for each of their orthodontic patients. She also places the braces on the teeth and helps maintain them during the monthly orthodontic visits. Mae and Katharina also attended additional courses to be able to help Dr. Narang offer Invisalign braces to our patients.