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Endodontics / Root Canal Therapy

mouth painThere may come a time in your life when a root canal will be necessary to save a damaged or decayed tooth that is causing you pain due to an infected nerve. Endodontic therapy, also known as root canal therapy, is the field of dentistry devoted to addressing concerns stemming from the roots and nerves of your teeth. While the thought of undergoing a root canal may at first seem intimidating, our modern techniques and commitment to patient care have made the procedure virtually painless. At Dr. Arun Narang & Associates, our skilled endodontists strive to enhance your experience while maintaining the health and beauty of your smile. If you’re suffering from pain and sensitivity in one or more teeth, let us help you relieve the discomfort without the need for an extraction.

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Recognizing an Infection

A root canal is designed to treat an infection of the pulp—the inner tooth and nerves. The pulp can become infected as a result of numerous causes, including untreated cavities or damage that develops after a break, chip, or injury. These nerves send signals to the brain to warn you of the infection that are translated as pain and sensitivity, which can make eating and normal activities difficult. Furthermore, if left untreated, an abscess may form, which can lead to more significant health problems and extreme discomfort. Common symptoms of an infection may include:

  • Sharp, intense pain
  • Acute pain when biting
  • Lasting discomfort after consuming hot or cold food
  • Pressure and/or dull aching
  • Swelling and tenderness in the surrounding gums

Root Canal Therapy

When you arrive for your initial consultation, one of our experienced and gentle dentists will discuss the treatment plan with you so you understand the entire process. The procedure can be performed using local anesthetic or with sedation dentistry, depending on your needs and desires. During treatment, your doctor will eliminate bacteria, clear the infection, and sterilize the roots. After the infected pulp has been removed, a customized porcelain crown will be placed on your natural tooth to help protect the area from future decay, maintain strength and support, and restore the aesthetic appeal of your smile. Our crowns are comprised of the highest quality materials available, and they typically offer long-lasting, beautiful results.

If you have additional questions about root canal therapy or endodontics, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Narang or another of our dentists, please contact our office today.