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Most people think of dentures as the false teeth grandparents wore and soaked every night. While that is true, there is more to the modern denture than meets the eye. The basic definition is they are appliances that replace a series of missing teeth. They are crafted to look like your natural teeth from substances that include resin, acrylic, metal, porcelain, and nylon. Your Mississauga dentist can help fit you with dentures that look and function naturally.
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There isn’t one type of denture as they are crafted to fulfill specific needs of the dental patient. Today’s dentures can even be implants. Types of Dentures Dentures can fill up your entire mouth or replace a smaller number of teeth. Below is a list of the various types of dentures available to those who have missing teeth. Full dentures are the more traditional dentures with a gum-coloured base. Partial dentures for those missing several teeth. They have clasps that hood around your natural teeth offering stability. Immediate dentures are temporary fixtures that people use following tooth extractions. They use these dentures until you are healed enough to get your final dentures. Implant-retained dentures use dental implants for support. They are attached to the small, threaded posts placed into your jawbone. These dentures are removable but are incredibly secure and won’t require adhesive. Implant-supported dentures are not removable. These are good for those who don’t want to remove dentures nightly. They are also called permanent or hybrid dentures.
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Getting Dentures

Getting dentures is sometimes a bittersweet task for patients. They are sad to lose their teeth, for whatever reason, and may have some emotional or confidence issues associated with it but they are also happy to have restoration done so they can have a good smile and functioning teeth. A Mississauga dentist takes all of this into account when they guide you in the process of getting dentures.

Dental Consultation

Before getting dentures, a dentist will evaluate your mouth. That includes looking at remaining teeth, examining your gums, and looking at your jaws. Dental staff will do X-rays to find out how thick your jawbone is. That will determine the type of dentures that may be required. Other elements are how your upper and lower jaws function and how long your teeth have been missing.
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Fitting Dentures

A denture fitting is highly customized. The dentist will insert dentures into your mouth and then look for gaps, or pressure points on gums. They will note the final adjustments and have the denture adjusted. It can take several visits to get a perfect fit.

Benefits of Dentures

Dentures have many advantages in that they are highly functional and help people chew and eat all the foods they love. This has an indirect result in helping people have better nutrition. They help your appearance and greatly improve speech.

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