Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Some people need more than the average amount of dental work. They may have many issues involved that stem from other health issues, trauma, or birth defects. Full mouth rehabilitation is when you get complete smile restoration that addresses all your various needs from missing teeth to tooth color, and gum disease.
Full Mouth Rehabilitation
Full mouth restoration typically involves many procedures because it addresses all your oral health concerns. The exact procedures required depend on each case but this type of treatment could take from a few months to over two years to complete. However, a gorgeous smile is waiting for you at the end of the process.

Who Would Be a Candidate for Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Those who would need this type of intense dental work are those with more than one or two issues that could typically be addressed in a couple of dental appointments. Issues that should be considered for this type of treatment include:

How Do You Get Started?

A full-mouth rehabilitation plan will always begin with your Mississauga dentist. Your dentist will evaluate your mouth, see what needs to be done, and create a long-term treatment plan that sets goals for ongoing dental work.

Dental Implants and Dentures

One of the more common elements in a full mouth restoration is ways to replace missing teeth. That includes both dental implants and possibly dentures, depending on the case and how many teeth are missing. Implants are popular because they look and function like natural teeth. They are permanent replacements. Dentures can be removed and tend to be used when the majority of the teeth can’t be saved.

Jaw Restoration

One element of full mouth restoration is replacing jaw bone that may have been destroyed through decay, injury, or ongoing medical treatments. There are several procedures the dentist can use for this, although they may also refer more in-depth procedures to a specialist.

Straightening and Perfection

It could be that the final element of restoring a beautiful smile is straightening teeth. That could mean braces or aligners. Your dentist will recommend you to an orthodontist when it’s time for this treatment.

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