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Can Cosmetic Dentistry Fix an Overbite?

Can Cosmetic Dentistry Fix an Overbite?

Most people are aware they can go to the dentist to get whiter teeth and deep cleaning. They also know they can go to the dentist if they have uneven teeth or a gap.

There is one thing though that makes a lot of people wonder if correction is even a possibility. It’s an overbite. This is because an overbite involves more than just the teeth; it involves the jaw as well.

Is this something you can correct as an adult? Is it something you can only treat during childhood? Smile by Design, a quality Mississauga dentist, has the answers to these questions.

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What Is an Overbite?

An overbite is a type of condition where someone experiences their upper jaw protruding further than the lower jaw. This makes the teeth misaligned.

When you have an overbite, orthodontists will first determine the level of severity. There are two categories: class one and class two.

Class One

If you have a class one overbite, you have overlapping of the teeth where the upper teeth stick out more. It is the more forgiving classification because it is “minor to moderate.”

This is the common category most people fall into. Although it is not very severe, many adults come in to correct the overbite as a way to enhance their smile.

Class Two

Class two overbites are moderate to severe. While they can also make adults feel self-conscious about their smile, other oral problems are more likely to exist.

For example, adults will notice problems such as tooth erosion. While it is important to address oral problems, these issues may return if the overbite is not treated. It’s best to address both symptoms and the source to get rid of the symptoms for good.

The Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry for Adults

Getting your teeth corrected during childhood is ideal, but it is not a situation that happens for everyone. No one should ever feel that it is too late to address oral issues when they are adults. This type of mindset leaves many adults learning to live with overbite issues and accepting it.

Some adults have the misconception that childhood is the only period they can fix the issue, but the truth is that there is no time limit. Although teeth do move more readily with children, adults can experience the same outcome.

There are many uses of cosmetic dentistry for adults, such as correcting overbites. For many, the problem is purely cosmetic. Having an overbite can make people feel self-conscious about themselves while talking or smiling.

Addressing Long-Term Issues

For others, there are more issues than a smile that needs to be fixed. Overbite correction does not only help in the aesthetic sense. It can positively contribute to long-term oral health.

The older you are and the longer you have an overbite, the more likely you will develop symptoms like jaw pain.

Jaw pain can start as intermittent and become more frequent in the pattern. Adults may notice they have issues with the pain while sleeping, eating, or talking. The pain can start out of nowhere during rest too.

Having an overbite can lead to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain and headaches that won’t fully resolve unless the core problem is handled. For adults, especially older adults, pain can make it hard to complete basic dental hygiene tasks.

Over time, these individuals are more likely to experience gum disease, tooth decay, and tooth loss. When you look at it this way, fixing the overbite has another great benefit. It will help preserve the overall condition of your teeth and prevent the need for costly dental corrections and implants in the future.

Overbite Treatment

When you are seeking ways on how to fix an overbite, you should ask yourself what type of treatment you want. The most traditional way to correct an overbite will be to get braces. It is a process that can take anywhere from 12-36 months to correct, depending on the severity.

If having braces as an adult is unappealing, you can use Invisalign instead to correct an overbite for mild cases. The best way to know the best options for you would be to speak with an orthodontist and have them look at your teeth.

If the upper and lower jaw still requires aligning, orthognathic surgery is another option. It helps to move the upper jaw to be in alignment with the lower jaw. This type of surgery is very invasive, so it is best for moderate to severe cases.

There are still other options available that may take away the need for this surgery. A decade ago, overbite treatment was complex and challenging. Although it is still complex, there are alternatives today that make treatment less challenging.

The technology we have today allows dentists to correct an overbite more conservatively. For example, it is possible to relax the jaws and muscles first with a TENS system. This device also helps determine the most accurate position of the jaw.

Getting crowns or veneers are other options to consider.

Correcting Your Overbite With a Mississauga Dentist

It’s possible to fix an overbite as an adult. A Mississauga dentist can work with you to get the smile you want and address symptoms like pain if they exist. The treatment options available today for adults are competitive.

You will be happy to know that prices are affordable and payment plans exist. If you’re looking for a cosmetic dentist in Mississauga, contact us today for any questions you have concerning your overbite.

Remember: It’s never too late to fix the problem, and you’re never too old to do it either.