How can cosmetic dental treatments help my oral health?

How can cosmetic dental treatments help my oral health
People think of cosmetic dental treatments as ways to improve your smile but they can help your overall oral health. Most think of teeth whitening as the primary cosmetic procedure but this type of dentistry involves more than that. It can also include procedures that improve your bite and overall tooth function. Dentists include five basic types of cosmetic procedures in their cosmetic dentistry. They are whitening, bonding, veneers, implants, and contouring of teeth and gums.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is common among dental procedures and can give you a great smile. It doesn’t have a direct impact on oral health but can provoke patients to take better care of their teeth to keep their pearly whites shining. Those who get their teeth whitened are usually going to brush and floss regularly. They may even get an electric toothbrush or a water pic to add to their routine. That can reduce plaque, tartar, and the risk of cavities. These types of habits promote oral health and create a better outcome long into the future.


Bonding is when a dentist puts a hardened resin on a tooth to fix a chip or crack, giving it the appearance of a complete tooth. This can improve the appearance of a smile but also serves the function of protecting the tooth. Teeth bonding prevents the tooth from being further damaged and improves its function. It also adds some strength to the tooth. That helps overall oral health.


Veneers are a good solution for those who have weak and brittle teeth as they cover the entire tooth. This protects the tooth from further damage, prevents cavities and bacteria from setting as well as provides for better chewing function. Veneers can do a lot for a patient in appearance as they can create an even, straight look with teeth and give people a brighter smile. Veneers can last for 15 years or more so they are a good investment in improving your smile, teeth function, and overall oral health.


Dental Implants are a permanent replacement for missing teeth. They are popular today even though they are one of the more expensive cosmetic options because they look like natural teeth and function as well too. The cost is justified by the fact that implants will never have to be replaced. This option is good for oral health because they prevent remaining teeth from shifting into the empty space of the old tooth. Dentists always tell patients it’s good to replace missing teeth for function and overall health. That is true because having all your teeth means you can properly chew. That leads to better nutrition which leads to better health both orally and in the rest of the body. Replacing missing teeth may not seem like a big deal but dentists state it is. Missing teeth can lead to an increase in diseases like dementia when you look at the long term. Looking at the immediate future, studies show that the surrounding teeth of missing teeth tend to be at higher risk of decay after the tooth is removed. Replacing a missing tooth with an implant is a good option to protect all your teeth and promote overall oral health.

Contouring Teeth and Gums

This cosmetic procedure involves trimming away excess gum tissue. This may not sound like a pleasant procedure but it’s a routine one that helps in both improving your appearance and improving oral health. Contouring gum tissue reduces gum disease risk because it improves gum health. It helps your smile look healthier too, even though it may seem like a small change. Small changes when it comes to cosmetic dentistry can have a significant impact on appearance. Teeth contouring or teeth reshaping can correct appearance issues and also fix some dental issues. Teeth contouring is when a dentist removes small amounts of tooth enamel to make the shape more appealing. Teeth contouring are used for things like shark teeth or misshapen teeth. It can be used for teeth that don’t seem to fit the shape of the rest of your mouth. The results can be remarkable when compared to what the smile looked like before the procedure. Tooth contouring is a simple, safe procedure. It doesn’t hurt the tooth if it’s done correctly. Cosmetic dentistry like teeth and gum contouring can help you improve your bite. That can help your long-term oral health because a misplaced bite can put stress n your jaw and teeth. That can cause pain and even create cracks and chips in your teeth. A necessary cosmetic procedure can prevent all that and save your teeth from damage. Appearance isn’t the only thing cosmetic dentistry addresses. The focus of any dentist or procedure is to create good overall oral health. They will address any major concerns before working on cosmetic issues. However, some procedures work complementary to each other to create both a great smile and good oral health. Your dentist can go over all your options and help you craft a cosmetic dental plan that works within your budget. It may take some time and several appointments but you can get the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Make an appointment today to see how our dentist can improve your smile and your oral health to give you an appealing look for a lifetime. We can address all your needs with compassion and care! Call us today!

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