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New Patient Special: ZOOM!® Teeth Whitening

shutterstock_74152996Typically quick and easy, teeth whitening treatment can dramatically enhance your smile’s appearance in as little as one hour. As a result, state-of-the-art ZOOM!® teeth whitening is one of our most popular dental procedures. Right now we’re offering new patients ZOOM!® whitening at any of our practice locations for just $399. The package includes the in-office whitening (we also offer ZOOM!® take-home kits as an alternative) as well as a take-home whitening pen and tube of whitening toothpaste (an additional $100 worth of products). Together they are sufficient for up to a four-cycle procedure!

Additionally, Dr. Arun Narang & Associates offers the Whitening for Life program, which can help you extend the life of your results—potentially indefinitely. For a one-time fee of $100, we will custom-make a pair of upper and lower dental trays and provide you with a syringe of whitening gel to use at home. We will then give you a fresh tube of whitening gel at each of your twice-yearly routine checkups. This program is an option for anyone (not just new patients) who receives ZOOM!® whitening first, and there are some conditions that apply. We will be happy to provide more details over the phone or in person before you make a decision.

Want a beautiful smile for less? Talk to us about our new patient teeth whitening special!