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Dentists in Mississauga Certified in CPR and First Aid

Mississauga, Ontario (November 22, 2013) – Each member of the Dr. Arun Narang & Associates staff is certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid so they can act immediately in crisis situations. The dentists in Mississauga who lead the practice recognize the need for training and certification to provide their staff with the necessary knowledge and presence of mind in case of a cardiovascular emergency.

CPRTo accommodate the needs of all of their patients, the Mississauga dentists prepare their staff for life-threatening situations by requiring them to attend CPR training sessions every two years to keep their certifications up to date. The dental specialists and assistants, hygiene and administrative team, and the doctors at Dr. Arun Narang & Associates dental clinics rely on the expertise of a certified CPR training organization to ensure effective preparation.

Lasting approximately four hours, their sessions cover everything that needs to be done and how to do things properly during critical situations. The CPR trainer first establishes the roles and responsibilities of a first aider before moving on to the more practical methods. They then teach the staff how to apply CPR to an unresponsive casualty who is not breathing. At the end of the session, each staff member shall have learned proper resuscitation for individuals of different ages, including adults, children, and infants.

Regular practice is the key to proper first aid and CPR, which is why the Dr. Arun Narang & Associates staff, regularly undergo training to be well prepared during an emergency. They are dedicated to their patients’ oral and overall health, striving to provide excellent care at all times. Their wide range of services includes orthodontic, restorative, sedation, cosmetic, periodontal, and implant dentistry for all age groups.

For the safety of their patients, the practice uses cutting-edge dental equipment to deliver long-lasting results. Aside from their team of knowledgeable dentists, they also have in-house dental specialists in oral surgery and periodontics for their patients’ convenience, as well. Together with their hygiene team, dental assistants, and administrative team, they take a cohesive team approach to give the highest possible level of care.

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