What are the top reasons to choose dental implants?

What are the top reasons to choose dental implants

Implants are popular today and can help people regain their smiles and mouth function. They are one of the more expensive options for a replacement of the natural tooth but are permanent. An implant looks just like a natural tooth so they are a good choice for those concerned about changing their smile.

There are at least four top reasons why someone would choose to get a tooth implant over other options.


An implant doesn’t require any special care like removable dentures do. You brush and floss them like you would your natural teeth so, for all practical purposes, an implant will act like your natural tooth.

Some people don’t like the idea of removable dentures for a variety of reasons. They don’t want to have to take them out and clean them at night. They are afraid they can eat as they used to. However, the primary reason people choose implants over removable dentures is implants are the closest thing to their natural teeth. They see dentures as something their grandparents wore and want something more permanent.

Better Looks

People who have missing teeth face a type of discrimination and a lack of confidence. Missing teeth are associated with poverty and a lack of education, regardless of the cause. It could also be challenging for those trying to get a job, a promotion, or re-entering the dating scene.

New implants will restore a smile and improve the overall facial looks. They look natural and no one will know they aren’t. They can even help someone look younger because they prevent facial sagging that comes with missing teeth.

Facial sagging is a result of bone loss because it leaves more skin than bone. That leads to more wrinkles, thinning lips, as well as skin that sags. Implants allow for a fuller face that could translate to a more useful appearance.

Having restoration work will improve confidence and allow the patient to speak better and more clearly than before. It can improve their life.


One of the primary reasons for getting implants is to improve eating function. Those who are missing teeth have to take extra steps to eat, depending on how many teeth are missing. Those with significant tooth loss will run all their food through a food processor to grind it into a pudding texture to eat it.

That makes food less enjoyable. The texture is part of the fun of eating. Favorite foods like corn on the cob or steak are off the menu when you don’t have teeth that can chew it. Getting implants can allow dental patients to once again eat normally as they did before losing their teeth.

In comparison, dentures are considered to have between 20 to 25 percent efficiency.

Implants are highly durable so they can have the same function as natural teeth with the added benefit of not sustaining tooth decay.

One function that implants help with is speech. Those with missing teeth usually have trouble with speech as they can’t pronounce everything clearly. Since they act as natural teeth, implants can improve pronunciation and clarity.

They can also improve your bite as they fill in missing gaps to keep your jawbone in place. Missing teeth can cause your bite to be off because it doesn’t have a supportive structure.

Health Factors

Getting implants can improve many health factors from better nutrition to preventing bone loss. Implants allow for better eating of a more variety of foods and improved nutrition will help in overall health.

Bone loss can be prevented with dental implants because implants stabilize the root and the tooth with replacement material. This not only allows for better function but provides the stimulation necessary for the bone to grow naturally.

Implants keep the natural remaining teeth stable because they don’t require the preparation of nearby teeth. They stand on their own support and don’t stress the teeth surrounding them. Other types of dental appliances require other teeth to be strong enough to support them. This includes bridges and other types of fills.

The problem with using surrounding teeth for support is they can eventually weaken or be damaged and that means the bridge or other appliance can’t be used. Implants are at less risk of that occurring.

The Cost of Implants

Implants can cost between $1,500 and $2,000 per implant tooth. That is based on per tooth and not per procedure as one procedure can include several implants.

Dental insurance, depending on the type you have, can cover all or part of a dental implant. Our office has people who can work with you to figure out the financial aspect of restorative dental work with no-interest payment plans and filing with insurance and government programs.

The Value of Getting Implants

One of the best aspects of getting dental implants over other options is you can get them no matter how few or how many teeth are missing. It doesn’t matter which ones are missing either. An implant can be installed anywhere in your mouth.

Getting implants can be a simple or complicated process, depending on how complicated your dental issues are. A dentist will seek to treat priority issues before moving to install implants. Priority issues are dealing with tooth decay, gum disease, or infections. There may be several steps to restorative care for those dealing with multiple issues.

The best thing to do is to see a dentist for an exam and evaluation. One of our dentists will help craft a care plan that includes restorative therapy so you can have the best smile of your life.

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