What Is Laser Dentistry? Everything You Need to Know

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Are you avoiding getting dental work done? Dental health is crucial, but many people avoid going to the dentist.

Some reasons people avoid the dentist is fear of dental procedure pain or discomfort. In the United States, 30 to 40 million people avoid going to the dentist each year.

Laser dentistry can ease those worries of pain or discomfort. Luckily, some dentist in Mississauga offers this innovative technology treatment. Continue reading to learn more about dentistry lasers.

What Is Laser Dentistry?

What Is Laser Dentistry
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The lasers use light and energy to treat dental issues. Each type of laser produces a unique wavelength. Depending on the wavelength, the laser is able to penetrate soft and hard tissue.

The usage of laser technology in dentistry began in 1989. Until this day, laser dentistry technology is continually advancing. The advancement is allowing for more effective treatment opportunities.

Due to their effectiveness, the FDA approves the usage of lasers in dentistry. This reiterates that they are a safe form of treatment for patients.

Types of Lasers in Dentistry

As time has progressed so has the development of lasers in dentistry. There are two primary types of lasers, which target different areas of the mouth. Here is a closer look at each laser:

Hard Tissue Laser

Common hard tissue lasers include Erbuum Chromium YGG and Erbium YAG. These lasers produce an intricate wavelength that is absorbant of hydroxyapatite.

A hard tissue laser is able to cut through teeth and bone with precision. This allows the hard tissue laser to be a great tool in reshaping teeth and bone structures. Also, a hard tissue laser can help with teeth bonding.

Soft Tissue Laser

The most common type of soft tissue laser is Neodymium YAG including diode lasers. Soft tissue lasers are able to absorb hemoglobin and water. Their unique absorption makes them perfect for treating certain areas of the mouth.

Soft tissue lasers assist in killing bacteria within the mouth. Additionally, the lasers support the regrowth of tissues. These laser qualities allow the treatment and healthy process to go smoothly.

Different Laser Dentistry Procedures

In laser dentistry, there are two different types of lasers. These lasers give dentists the ability to conduct different procedures. Here is a closer look at what type of procedure each laser offers:

Soft Tissue Procedures

Since soft tissue lasers are able to reshape gums, they are perfect for treating a gummy smile. The laser will reduce the length of the gum. Getting rid of a gummy smile will elongate your teeth.

Also, the soft tissue laser is a great tool for treating frenulum attachment. The laser will reduce friction caused by a tight or thick frenulum. A tight or thick frenulum can cause speech impediment or breastfeeding difficulties.

Another soft tissue procedure is removing tissue folds. This procedure is great for ill-fitting dentures or partials. Folds can cause pain in the mouth when wearing these dental accessories.

Dentists are also able to lengthen crowns with small tissue lasers. This will help give the patient healthier bone and tissue during restorations.

Hard Tissue Procedures

A common hard tissue dental procedure is dental fillings. During this procedure, the patient will most likely not need anesthesia. Also, the usage of traditional dental drills is not needed.

Also, hard tissue lasers can treat sensitivity. Specifically, those patients who struggle with temperature sensitivity. Hard tissue lasers are able to seal tubules caused by tooth rot.

Since hard lasers can detect tooth rot, they are great for treating cavities. They are even able to detect and treat the cavity in its earliest stages. This is a great tool for managing teeth health and prevention.

Laser Dentistry Benefits

Since its development, laser dentistry has benefited patients greatly. Here is a list of a few benefits of using laser dentistry:

Reduces the Risk of Complications

One of the best benefits of using laser dentistry is that it reduces the risk of complications. Using traditional metal tools during a procedure can create abrasions. These microscopic abrasions or tears increase your risk of infection.

Using lasers during a procedure does not aggravate soft or hard tissue. It’s less invasive, so it reduces the chance of infection developing after surgery. Additionally, the lasers sterilize the area while in use, which minimizes bacteria.

Maximizes Patient Comfort

There are many ways laser dentistry maximizes the comfort of patients. As previously stated, laser dentistry is less invasive than traditional practices.

Consequently, this allows the procedure to be less painful for the patient. It’s perfect for individuals with sensitive teeth, even in the most extreme cases.

Another reason it’s more comfortable for patients is that it’s less noisy. Patients do not have to listen to loud drill noises. Low noise levels can also reduce anxiety in patients.

Minimizes Time at the Dentist

Laser dentistry treatment can minimize time spent at the dentist. Lasers are precise, so dentists are able to target the problem area effectively. This allows the majority of healthy tissue to be intact and experience less damage.

Also, it reduces the need for sutures. The reduction of the need for sutures will minimize treatment time. It will also help patients heal faster after procedures and experience less pain.

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Taking care of your teeth is an important part of your overall health. Using laser dentistry can minimize some of your worries about a dentist visit.

If you’re interested in using laser dentistry, contact us. Here at Smile by Design, we are happy to answer any questions you may have. Learn how you can improve your smile and confidence today from a dentist in Mississauga.

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