How to Determine if You Need Emergency Dental Work?

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Do you have a serious dental problem that needs immediate attention? Or is it a minor problem that can wait until your next dentist appointment? In short, how can you tell when you need an emergency dentist in Mississauga?

If you don’t know, you’re about to find out. The following guide explains which dental issues count as true emergencies as well as the symptoms/signs of these problems. The guide also outlines what to do if you think you’re experiencing an emergency yourself.

To make sure you get the care you need as quickly as you need it, read this checklist and follow the provided instructions.

1. Extreme Oral Pain

This should go without saying. But a surprising number of patients procrastinate on seeing the dentist despite a severe toothache.

A reliable rule of thumb in dentistry is that minor problems cause minor pain. The pain is typically only extreme if there’s a severe dental problem.

Plus, these problems do not get better on their own. The longer you wait, the more advanced the condition becomes (and the worse the pain gets). So, if your mouth feels very painful, either constantly or with certain movements, get emergency dental care.

2. Your Tooth is Loose or Has Fallen Out

Once all your adult teeth have grown in, you’re past the age of losing teeth naturally. So, if you nevertheless have a wiggly/loose tooth, call an emergency dentist.

This could be from an injury, infection, bone loss, or some other condition. These need to be diagnosed by a professional right away. In any case, the loose tooth is a weakness in your mouth that opens the way for infections and other oral health problems.

Next, if it happens that one of your adult teeth has fallen out completely, here’s what to do. Keep the tooth in the socket to protect the soft tissue underneath (don’t touch the root). Then, call your dentist and follow their instructions for dental emergency treatment.

3. Your Tooth is Chipped or Damaged

If you’ve chipped a tooth, the dentist may be able to reattach the severed fragment. But that’s only possible if you get seen for it right away.

Save the tooth fragment in a container of milk or within a ball of toothpaste. Bring this with you to your emergency dentist in Mississauga.

4. Bleeding/Aching Gums

It’s common for gums to bleed after you brush or floss. But if they bleed constantly or ache after they bleed, you need emergency dental care.

This is probably a sign of advanced gum disease. Only your dentist can provide you with the appropriate instructions for treating your particular condition.

What makes this an emergency is that the damage caused by gum disease can’t always be fully repaired. You need to see an emergency dentist before you incur any more permanent damage. If you wait too long, you might need to have some or all of your teeth removed.

5. A Sore That Isn’t Healing

Your mouth is swarming with over 6 billion bacteria as well as other microscopic life forms. Thus, it’s quite easy for open sores in your mouth to become infected.

This shouldn’t be a problem if the sore heals quickly. But if the sore remains for longer than two weeks, seek emergency dental care. You see, it’s easier and less painful to prevent an infection than to get rid of one.

6. A Dental Abscess

An abscess is a tooth infection, typically located around the root. Its symptoms and signs include:

  • Swelling of the gums at the base of the tooth
  • Pus
  • Bad taste in the mouth
  • Fever

If you’ve noticed these signs or otherwise think you may have an abscess, call the emergency dentist.

7. A Swollen Jaw

An infection in your jaw will show signs similar to those of an abscess. But the swelling will be located near your jaw rather than the base of a particular tooth.

As you may know, any infection that goes untreated can cause dire complications, including death. Thus, you must seek emergency care if you experience these symptoms.

8. Your Toothache Has Gone Numb

As we said, painful dental problems don’t go away on their own. So, if you’ve been experiencing a significant toothache that suddenly goes completely numb, that’s not a sign of healing.

Most likely, this means you have an infection that has reached the nerve of your tooth. If anything, the problem is about to get much more painful. See an emergency dentist immediately for any numbness in your mouth.

9. A Metal Taste in Your Mouth

Constant, weird tastes in your mouth should always get inspected by the dentist as soon as possible. In the event that the taste is metallic, try to remember if you’ve ever gotten a metal filling. If so, the taste might indicate that your metal filling has become loose or damaged.

This also means that the previously filled cavity is no longer protected. That is, there’s a very deep hole in your tooth that provides the perfect home for bacterial infection. See a dentist now to have your old fillings checked.

Where Should You Go For Emergency Dental Work?

If you’ve experienced these symptoms, then the biggest question is, what do you do now? Specifically, should you go to the emergency room?

If you have other extreme, non-dental symptoms, like excessive bleeding, then you definitely should go to the ER. Otherwise, don’t.

Instead, call a dentist near you. The staff or the phone recording should provide instructions on what to do next for your dental emergency.

Do You Need an Emergency Dentist in Mississauga?

If you need an emergency dentist in Mississauga, please don’t wait. Call us right now so we can get you the emergency care you need.

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